Hair Anatomy

A hair sting includes 3 separate layers.

  1. Cuticle
  2. Shell
  3. Core

1. Cuticle; It is similar to roof tiles, and it is composed of overlapped cells or flakes. It is thin and colorless. Its task is to protect the shell that contains “melanin” pigment which is thicker and also encolours the hair.

It acts as a barrier against the mechanical abuses that we apply on our hair (washing, brushing, blow-drying, chemical changes etc.)

Cuticle is transparent and moist when it is healthy. A Healthy cuticle glimmers luminously, creates luminance and reflects the light. When it is damaged due to mechanical, chemical or environmental effects, edges of the flakes will be separated from the hair string. This damaged hair will not reflect the light anymore; yet, it will absorb the light in order to give a lank hair look.

2. Shell; the place that is protected by cuticle, and where all the live components of the hair are located. This is a power layer in which the protein and liquid content of the hair, are supposed to be included. The shell constitutes up to 90% of the hair’s molecular weight. It also contains the pigment called as “melanin” which determines your hair color.

There are two types of melanin; Emulanin, gives the hair its black or brown colors depending on how many pigments of this kind, are included in the hair. Pheomelanin makes the hair red. And there is a little amount of melanin in blonde hair.

It is composed of millions of parallel fibers that are constituted by tough proteins held together by means of solid and various ligaments. These ligaments are fractured exceedingly; and if they are not reconstructed, the hair structure is very likely to weaken. This event points out the importance of a cautious hair care application which needs to be performed in order not to endanger the hair.

3. Core; It is composed of the innermost protein called as pit. Sometimes it might be located at the center of the shell layer, but it also might not exist in thin hair. The core does not have a real function that we are required to take into consideration during our hair practices.

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